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, that wasn't trayvon. the chairs had wheels on it, i t pushed away from the table and n just kind of shook my head, and said, i can't tell. tell. >> so your words were i can't tell. >> something though to thathoug effect, but i never said no, that wasn't my son's voice. voic >> a judge ruled that the jurore may be told trayvon martin had a small amounts of marijuana in his body when he died.died. zimmerman claims he killed killd martin in self-defense. >>> we learning new details about saturday's plane crash creche in san francisco airport. the pilot at the helm of that th flight had only 43 hours of of flight experience on that planen two people were killed and more than 180 sent to hospitals. jocks' jennifer davis is live in -- fox's jennifer day si davis f in salivein san francisco.n >> reporter: while there were four pilots who were rotating during this 10 or 14 our flight the one who was controlling the plane. had more than 10,000 hours on on various other planes, including other 747, but he had never flown a 777 into this airportait before. >> what do you know aboutou kno reports that
has been turned upside down. >> trayvon martin's father takes the stand explaining what he said and what he was thinking after first hearing the 911 call the night his son died. >> later breaking down the controversy over g.m.o.'s or genetically modified foods and whether foods should be labeled as such. you won't want to miss my report. stay with us. fox 5 news at 10:00 will be right back. >>  a show of such fort -- support for kenneth ellerbe. some of ellerbe's supporters believe race and politics are playing a role in his criticism. >> i too feel that things have gone on before he became our fire chief nothing was done about it but all of a sudden we have people in the city council that's calling for his resignation. i think that they just need to let him do his job and go on with the business of the city. >> but when one man noted had asked for dennis ruben's resignation reporters asked about race. >> well they didn't call for his resignation. >> they didn't do anything about ruben. he sold our fire trucks. nobody called for a real investigation.
out on trayvon martin case today. toda >>> spitzer is running forunninr office again, we will tell you u the bizarre connection he has hs with one of his opponents. po >>> and redskins quart back, ba robert griffin the third a a married man. but more people are talking about the video he made after ma the ceremony than the wedding itself. >>> hey, laura i'm in richmond, virginia, standing outside of the redskins training facility. we will take you and show you yu what the fields look likes and video, that included guest appearances of governor robert mcdonnell. that as the news continues.  inside and hernandez is chargede with child endangerment, shent,e left her eight-month-old son in- a car for six hours friday whilh she went to work. she didn't notice that the babea hbabywas in the car until she wo pick up 1 of her other children she rushed the baby to the babyt hospital but the baby did not survive. >>> several witnesses testified aboutse the 911 calls recorded e night trayvon martin was killed we have more from the courthous in sanford, florida.ida. >>> i met jorgie at mo
. >> the key issue in the george zimmerman murder trial. why he shot and killed trayvon martin. today the defense explained how he did it. fill keating is in sanford florida. >> for just the third time in the trial jurors watched attorneys pull out the infamous hoody. this time used by george zimmermans defense along with the fruit drink to bolster zimmerman's version of what he said happened -- martin was on top straddling zimmerman and he's supported forensically. >> the wound itself by the gap in the face of contact of the clothing indicates that this is consis zimmerman's account that he, that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> the defense expert analyzing these photos supporting zimmerman's claim that trayvon martin was pummeling his first and smashing his head into the walk kay -- walkway but on prosecution they exploited the fact that this expert has been paid $2,000 to testify and cannot say who instigated the altercation. >> you can't say whether it was trayvon martin defending himself or george zimmerman defending himself in terms of when thi
is why he shot and killed trayvon martin. >> the defense explained how he did it. fox's phil ceeting is in sanford, florida, with the latest. >> for just the third time in the trial jurors watched the hoody with one bullet hole in the chest used by the defense along with the arizona fruit drifng he had to bolster what he said happened. >> the doctor testified that martin on top straddling zimmerman is supported forensically. >> the wound itself by the gap, by the powder at that tattooinge class of contact of the clothing indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman'sz account that he -- that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> the defense expert analyzinga the photos also supporting skimmerman's claim that tray von martin was pummeling him withith his fist and smashing his head to the walkway about. up on cross they exploited the fact that the expert has been paid more than $2,000 to test t and cannot say who instigated the altercation. >> you can't say whether it was trayvon martin or george zimmerren defending himself when it are the first st
that the zimmerman shot trayvon martin while the teen was on top of him.s the defense showed the importance of looking aton trayvon's clothing to determine the distance between zimmerman and martin at the time. >> the wound left itself, in the face of contact of the clothing indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman'ss account, that he -- that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> the defense also wants to introduce text messages and a facebook posting by martin abou a fight he supposedly had with a friend. the judge had ruled that the teen's interest in guns and fighting couldn't be used in opening statements. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder charges. he claims he acted in self-defense. >>> there's more confusionmo whether nsa leaker snowden willn depo to venezuela. wikileak said that he has not formally accepted asylum in venezuela. the tweet was deleted a few minutes after it was posted. the lawmaker says its claim wasm paced on a report from russian t.v. news. >>> the morning line, we're li talking about the washington kas
that the trayvon martin was on top of th neighborhood watch volunteereer straddling him during the fatala confrontation. >> if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest, so that is a fact that if you know the clothing i two to four inches away, it's existent with someone leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> dr. vincent de mayo testifying about zimmerman's injuries. >> i think you have six identifiable injuries, the two lacerations on the back of thehc head, the impact on both templep lesions, that is full on. the nose, and the forehead is 6. >>> meanwhile in an evidencen hearing earlier today, the defense saying it wants to use an animated depiction of the deadly fight, at least the lasth couple of minutes, but the judge clearly annoyed postponing the t rest of the hearing and her decision until later tonight. >> 45 minutes, no. >> we will afterwards, i'm not having the jury sit back here for another 45 minutes doing nothing. >> prosecutors don't want this jury to see this animation, saying it's inaccurate, itcurate doesn't show
in thenf george zimmerman trial. trayvon martin's father took tht stand yesterday.erda he testified specifically about what you said he heard after making a 911 call made by aby neighbor the night his son was killed.ed. earlier, a detective testifiede that tracy martin told him that he did not think that the voice screaming for help was his son. >> a massachusetts judge ruledde that the evidence in the case be maibd available to thbemade ava. the former patriots tight end id charged with a premeditated murder in of lloyd. >>> you will not believe how much it is shrinking next. >>> thousands of social securit numbers exposed. po find out what happened when we come back. >>> time right now 4:07. -- 5:07. ♪ [ perdue ] they say you are what you eat. well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. which is why we feed our chickens a 100-percent vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds without any added hormones...or steroids. and unlike a lot of other companies we never use animal by-products like blood and bone meal. because we believe that's what it takes to bring
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8